Il Ponte Film Group presents “Potentially Dangerous”, a feature length documentary on the Civil Rights Violations & Internments of Italians during World War 2.

Potentially Dangerous Film – Official Trailer for the Feature Length Documentary

The Il Ponte Film Group presents the Potentially Dangerous film, a feature length documentary on the Internments of Italians in America during World War 2. Potentially Dangerous focuses on a period of time during World War II when the U.S Government restricted the rights and freedoms of 600,000 Italian residents…

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Address panel of an Italian Internee's letter home during captivity in a US internment camp during World War 2

An Italian Internee’s Letter Home During World War 2

Italian Internees held in US internment camps were permitted to write only two short letters and one postcard per week. The length of the letter was determined by the space allotted to the internee on one side of a standardized piece of stationary supplied to internees by the US Government…

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The Wartime Internment of Americans of Italian Ancestry

The World War 2 Internment of Italian-Americans

Abstract: The Japanese-American community was subjected to internment in large numbers from the outset of World War 2, but they were not singled-out. The same treatment was applied to German-Americans and Italian-Americans, as well as suspect individuals from other nations. This research covers the internment of Italian-Americans, as well as other…

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