City leaders take note - this is how you discuss Columbus.
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Civic Leadership in America, Take Note on how to Discuss Columbus

Pueblo’s Columbus Day Weekend a Display of Debate with Honor & Respect Pueblo Colorado is an example of how a civilized society treats each other….

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Why Columbus Day of 1942 is so meaningful today
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Why Columbus Day of 1942 is so Meaningful Today

Estimated reading time: 30 minutes Beginning on December 8th 1941, over 600,000 Italian-Americans were branded “enemy aliens” and were firmly under the surveillance of the…

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Fort Missoula MT Alien Detention Camp
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A Letter to the Public about the WW2 Internment

Welcome Readers, The inspiration for this website came to me in the winter of 2019, when my daughter was writing an essay for her US…

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New York Times Feature Story - Italian-Americans Coming into their Own.
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Italian-Americans as viewed by the New York Times – The Original 1983 Feature Article

A Lookback to the Original NYT Cover Story from May of 1983 My Maternal and Paternal Grandparents were the epitome of the hard-working, blue-collar immigrants…

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Columbus Day is about Self-Determination.
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Columbus Day is actually about Self-Determination

How history is taught in our public schools is a serious matter. As a child develops into an adult, the ability to hold rational public…

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