An Open Letter to Students, Parents & Educators Including Italian-American History in Public School History Curriculums The inspiration for this website came to me in the winter of 2019, when my daughter was writing an essay for her US History 2 class. The subject matter was the internment of enemy aliens in the United States during World War 2. She was a high school junior at the time, and her US history teacher instructed theContinue Reading

One of the many things I admire about Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson is that he has the ability to take the knowledge and concepts in his incredible brain, and translate them easily into terms for the average person to consider. JRE host Joe Rogan was stunned when Dr. Tyson stated that Columbus “… coming to America was the most significant thing to ever happen in our species”. (00:10 to 00:19). The video interview was publishedContinue Reading

Columbus Day is about Self-Determination.

How history is taught in our public schools is a serious matter. As a child develops into an adult, the ability to hold rational public discourse using factual references as supporting data becomes an important skill. The ability to sort out truth from disinformation is a powerful asset, but children cannot develop that ability when their public school history curriculum is riddled with inaccuracy and outright omission. The result is that many children do notContinue Reading