The Talisman Italian Cook Book by Ada Boni, as published in 1950.

The Talisman Italian Cook Book by Ada Boni 1950

After a long search, I found a true Italian family treasure: My Parent’s copy of the Talisman Italian Cook Book from the 1950 printing. This classic Italian cook book was originally penned in 1929 by the well-respected Italian chef Ada Boni (1881 – 1973). It was originally translated from Italian…

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Pizza Rustica is also known as Pizza Chiena or Easter Pie

Pizza Rustica or Italian Easter Pie

“Pizza Rustica”. The name conjures up thoughts of amazing Easters-past when my grandmother, Mary Esposito, would create this layered & weighty delicacy to share with the extended family. I actually witnessed her build one of these pies when I was in grade school; my mother had taken me and some…

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