Why Journalistic Standards & Proven Methodologies Matter

Our journalistic standards & research methodologies are designed to counter disinformation by adhering to these principles:


This endeavor relies on the stringent verification of facts. We strive to be objective. What matters is that a claim is supported by empirical evidence and proven reproducible methods. We are firmly committed to being transparent about sources. We provide links to sources so readers can have access to the same data we used to reach our conclusions. This allows the reader to verify the information for their own edification, and to easily counter disinformation. We welcome debate, providing it is accompanied by evidence for our examination.

Source Document Standards

We recognize the importance of clearly identifying sources. We will identify all Primary, Secondary and Tertiary sources we use. We will also disclose how we found these sources, so the reader can follow the same path to obtain the same source document. References must have a traceable path that terminates at its OSD. Statements that quote historical text will be done verbatim.

Research Methodologies

Due to the immense breadth of information accumulated and archived over the centuries, we use every tool possible to uncover and verify fact. We incorporate techniques found in various methodologies, including the Historical Method, Archival Research and in case of verifying information of physical items, the Scientific method. We use the product of these methodologies to write factual accounts of the past.

Historical Philosophy

History should not be altered or re-written unless the change is fully supported by empirical evidence that has passed objective peer review. Only then, history should be augmented with the new information. A clear path from prior evidence and assumptions should then be linked directly to the updated information so the comparison is acknowledged. Furthermore, historical fact must never be removed from public eye, as its presence is an educational tool from which society can strive to learn from – even if that lesson is uncomfortable to consider.

Contact Us

This website provides a contact form that can be used by readers and interested parties to send us information. We will research all submitted evidence. If a submitted claim is found to be truthful and is based on verified and authenticated data and it contradicts our related conclusion, then we will incorporate that new content in accordance with our Historical Philosophy. See above for additional information.


Claims asserted without evidence will be dismissed without evidence.

  – Christopher Hitchens