The Feast of Seven Fishes traditionally involves any assortment of shellfish, finned fish, crustaceans, and bi-valves. Held every year on Christmas Eve, no land-based meats are served on this night.

The Feast of Seven Fishes

The tradition of the Feast of Seven Fishes is simple – it is a grand meal that contains no land animals, so it is actually a pre-Christmas Day fasting from meats and game that relies instead on seafood as the main ingredient. The reason for the number seven is still…

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North Atlantic skate sauteed as a bruschetta with tomatoes and capers.

Skate Bruschetta with Capers and Tomatoes

Skate Bruschetta is an easy to make delicacy, which is crafted from the plentiful North Atlantic Skate. This fish can be found anywhere along the extensive coastlines of the world. While some people view the skate as a nuisance or “garbage fish”, those in-the-know understand that this fish is an…

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Lobster tails in a sherry cream sauce over fettuccine

Lobster Tails in Sherry Cream Sauce over Fettuccine

Lobster Tails in Sherry Cream Sauce Shellfish has always played a big part in our family’s culinary heritage – my Neapolitan Maternal Grandmother passed down amazing recipes to my Mother and Aunts, and the result was always realized in a beautiful and decadent seafood extravaganza every Christmas Eve known as…

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