Escarole & Beans - all ingredients simmering.

Escarole and Beans Recipe – A One-Pot Meal

My Mother’s family came from the Naples area of Italy, so many of the wonderful dishes that we enjoyed as a family were seafood based, specifically shellfish. My Father’s side of the family came from Morrone del Sannio, a hamlet in the Province of Campobasso in the Italian region Molise…

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Escarole Pie is an Easy-to-make Rustic Peasant Dish

Escarole Pie Recipe – Traditional and Rustic Meal

Like most of the edible greens, Escarole is a dark leafy nutritional powerhouse that can be prepared in so many variations – you may have already seen and enjoyed our recipe for Escarole & Beans, so here we are presenting another: Escarole Pie. This simple-to-make and highly delectable dish is…

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