Potentially Dangerous – Official Trailer for the Documentary About the Italian Internments of World War 2

Potentially Dangerous is a feature-length documentary film about a period of time during World War II when the U.S Government restricted the rights and freedoms of 600,000 Italian residents of the United States. All were declared “Enemy Aliens,” and many were placed under curfew, banned from their workplaces, forcibly moved from their homes and communities, and even placed in internment camps. Most Italians refused to speak about what happened to them. Even now, almost 80 years after their ordeal, many of the surviving Italians have remained silent. That is, until now. In this film, you will hear their stores for the first time.

Potentially Dangerous is part of the 2021 Russo Brothers Italian American Film Forum, and it tells the story of Italian Immigrants as “Enemy Aliens” during World War II.

Author: Robert Lanni