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New York Times Feature Story - Italian-Americans Coming into their Own.

A Lookback to the Original NYT Cover Story from May of 1983 My Maternal and Paternal Grandparents were the epitome of the hard-working, blue-collar immigrants that personified the hopes and dreams of the early 20th Century Italian-American diaspora. Frank and Mary Esposito, my mother’s parents, became the quintessential success story through natural talent, shrewd investment and boundless moxie. They started with absolutely nothing but determination, and through years of hard work and subsequent re-investment intoContinue Reading

How a World War 2 letter between two cousins triggered a search for the final resting place of nine missing USAAF Airmen.

It would be unimaginable today for an American family to have seven members serving in the US armed Forces during the same conflict. Numbers like that are unheard of now, but they were not unusual during World War 2. One only needs to recall the five Sullivan brothers who perished together during the 1942 sinking of the USS Juneau to know that a conflict of that scale can wipe out entire families. Movies like SavingContinue Reading

Fort Missoula MT Alien Detention Camp

PHOTO CREDIT: International News Photo. Licensed for editorial/news use. Location: Ft Missoula, MT. Date: 6-15-1941 at 11:15 AM.  Original Title of press photo: “General View of Federal Detention Camp for Aliens”.  The original printed image with caption slug and copyright licensing stamps is part of our collection. The History Channel’s Arthur Kent presents the documentary “Italian American Internment: The Detainment of Italian Americans During World War II” with detailed commentary by Gloria Ricci Lothrop, aContinue Reading