Italian Cuisine (Page 2)

Our Italian Cuisine articles focus on two types of Italian cooking; the simple and hearty dishes that Americans of Italian descent survived on, and the grand recipes that are traditionally made for holidays, celebrations or those Sunday dinners when company was coming and something amazing was needed to share at the dinner table.

To Italians, the dinner table is where families bond. Sunday dinners that start at 1:00 p.m., and last into mid-evening have traditionally been a normal and expected event. Even the poorest of immigrants made Sunday special by preparing something delicious and then sitting together for hours with extended family to enjoy conversation, laugh, argue, agree to disagree, laugh again, hug and then repeat the same thing the next week. It is part and parcel to the bedrock of our culture.

Take the time to enjoy these recipes. Share them, modify them, and simply enjoy them. And when you get everyone to the table, confiscate their cellphones so they are forced to talk to one another. The ensuing drama is almost always hilarious. Have fun!

Candida Lanni's Pie Crust Recipe – used for everything from Pizza Rustica to Escarole Pie.

We have a few upcoming recipes that require a quality homemade pie crust, so I’ve written this post to serve as a reference for you when making such delicious dishes as Pizza Rustica and Escarole Pie. Note, however, that this simple recipe can be used for almost any pie, including the classic fruit pies (apple, cherry, etc.). The pie crust itself is very simple, and pays homage to the days when recipes still used suchContinue Reading