Robert Lanni

An Open Letter to Students, Parents & Educators Including Italian-American History in Public School History Curriculums The inspiration for this website came to me in the winter of 2019, when my daughter was writing an essay for her US History 2 class. The subject matter was the internment of enemy aliens in the United States during World War 2. She was a high school junior at the time, and her US history teacher instructed theContinue Reading

Kneading pasta dough by hand.

Most pasta dough is usually made from combinations of flour, eggs and water. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of variations on the flour-egg-water ratio used, as well as types of flour and herbs added to the mixture. Variations also matter as the different shapes of pasta depends on some extent to the different amounts of each ingredient used. There are all sorts of flavored pastas that use extra ingredients like herbs, spices, and pastes,Continue Reading

New York Times Feature Story - Italian-Americans Coming into their Own.

A Lookback to the Original NYT Cover Story from May of 1983 My Maternal and Paternal Grandparents were the epitome of the hard-working, blue-collar immigrants that personified the hopes and dreams of the early 20th Century Italian-American diaspora. Frank and Mary Esposito, my mother’s parents, became the quintessential success story through natural talent, shrewd investment and boundless moxie. They started with absolutely nothing but determination, and through years of hard work and subsequent re-investment intoContinue Reading

Escarole Pie is an Easy-to-make Rustic Peasant Dish

Like most of the edible greens, Escarole is a dark leafy nutritional powerhouse that can be prepared in so many variations – you may have already seen and enjoyed our recipe for Escarole & Beans, so here we are presenting another: Escarole Pie. This simple-to-make and highly delectable dish is another peasant meal that requires minimal work and supplies maximum satisfaction and nutrients. The preparation of this dish starts with creating the crust of theContinue Reading

Italian sunday gravy - the classic marinara sauce.

There are few sensory pleasures in life that can compare to the wonderful aroma of a simmering marinara sauce. Early every Sunday morning, my Parents (both of full Italian descent), would attend church, and then my mother would start making her Sunday Gravy while us kids suffered through attending the late-morning mass (if we made it to the church at all, but that’s another story). Upon returning home, I could smell the sautéed garlic whenContinue Reading