About Italian-Americans.com

This publication is dedicated to the Italian-American people.  The soul of this project is the piecing together of the cumulative denied history of Americans of Italian ancestry. History is crucial – it is through understanding our history that we can direct our future.

The inspiration for this website came from the realization that very little of our history is acknowledged in public school curriculums, and that this is due to the most defining moments of our culture being kept classified by the US Government from 1941 to 2001.

That changed when President William Jefferson Clinton signed 106th Congress HR-2442 into law on November 7, 2000. This created the “Wartime Violation of Italian American Civil Liberties Act”. The law tasked the Attorney General with investigating the widespread civil rights violations of Americans of Italian descent during World War 2.

The Resulting report was delivered before congress in November of 2001, and it was titled “Report to Congress of the United States: A Review of the Restrictions on Persons of Italian Ancestry during World War 2”.  The contents of this report revealed just how massive the losses were for almost 600,000 thousand people of Italian extract. The report also states that some records had been previously destroyed, so the accounting made by the Attorney General should be treated as an “at least” figure, so it is possible that the actual figure is higher than reported.  The stunning realization was that there was a deliberate policy that kept these measures from the public during the war, and that even by the turn of the millennium, much of the information was still kept classified. The story has now been told to Congress by the Department of Justice in a public forum, which has been a huge step forward in transparency.

The issue remains that 18 years have passed since this information was made available to the public, yet it has never been acknowledged within the public primary and secondary school curriculums in the United States.

Our goal is very straightforward – we will have our complete & collective story added to the US history curriculum included within the US public education system.