Journal of Italian-American Life

A Journal of Italian-American Life is a publicly accessible journal of Italian-American life. It has no gated-content. This website contains analysis of historical events, with essays, commentary and articles related to the Italian-American people, and their history in the United States. It is also a cultural journey, with articles about lifestyle, people, contemporary events and the Italian kitchen.

The content that is offered by our publication is written for a wide audience that includes high school students, university students, educators, civic leaders, news agencies, independent writers, historians of all levels, cultural societies and the world.

All research, and the conclusions made within our articles, reference thoroughly fact-checked primary and secondary sources by either direct link or by endnote.  In some cases, historical images, data tables, archived news articles, government publications and congressional documents are referenced and/or incorporated. As an entity that relies on strict journalistic standards as well as archival and historical research methods, our content is subject to updates based after verification of additional information that meets our standards.

This Italian-American journal is intended to exist in perpetuity, and it will expand as new material is incorporated into the domain. New features and updates will be made on a regular basis. It is important for us to hear your voice. If you have any suggestions for articles, have questions or concerns about content, or encounter any errors with our website, please contact us.

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