The heart of this project is the piecing together of the cumulative crucial moments in the history of Americans of Italian ancestry.

The inspiration for this website came from the realization that very little of our history is acknowledged in public school curriculums, and that this is due to the most defining moments of our culture being kept classified by the US Government from 1941 to 2001. Please bookmark this page for future reference.

Full Report will be Published by September 27, 2020


For an introduction to the topic, please watch this documentary from the History Channel:

Fort Missoula MT Alien Detention Camp

DOCUMENTARY: Italian American Internment During World War II

The History Channel’s Arthur Kent presents the documentary “Italian American Internment: The Detainment of Italian Americans During World War II” with detailed commentary by Gloria Ricci Lothrop, a historian at Cal State Northridge, and Researcher/Curator Rose Scherini of Una Storia Segreta. This documentary includes interviews with many surviving internees, as well as extensive documentation of how the US Government used Executive Order 9066 to strip the civil rights away from over 600,000 Americans of ItalianContinue Reading